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Computers changed the world forever, then mobile and cloud did a more powerful rerun. The time that was afforded to workers in a domain to decide on solutions, strategy etc vanished overnight. Information (even fake) became available at the tips of ones figures literally. So is entertainment. The disruption is there for all to see. New technologies such as Blockchain and IOT will only hasten this journey.

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The world of education and training has changed dramatically. Upskilling has become a new norm. Companies are beginning to pay bonus based on skills of an employee. Proper skills will soon become mandatory to comfortably grow in one's career. Today even educators have to continually up-skill themselves. Delivery of training in most of these skills has become driven by cloud based apps. Today one can find classes for everything from music to public speaking.

Intellispace Software has a focus on training 'on location'. We are of the firm belief that online courses, while satisfying a segment of the market do not address the main area of teacher / student interaction and practical application of theory. This is especially true of Information Technology courses. While having been in the training domain for the last two decades, we do recognise the need to adapt new technologies to deliver services across locations. Support on all courses are delivered online and the option to register online exists in case a one to one is not practically possible.

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