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Workflow solutions

Workflow solutions, web enabled that power your organisation.

Intellispace Software aims to assist, in a consultative manner SME’s and micro businesses to move existing process into a digital process.Bringing together applications on the cloud help leverage existing strengths of organizations into a process that can be reviewed and constantly improved.

Every SME or micro business have unique workflow needs for the organization.The fulfillment of this need and addressing the core requirement is sometimes overlooked by technology providers eager to provide a solution within the existing skill set.

To consciously work around this enthusiasm to close a sale tends to add value to the client. Identifying cloud based SaaS solutions which critical needs of a SME or micro business in s the first step to identify the tools required for the workflow. These solutions used together in the cloud can effectively address the requirements of a vast majority of the SME / micro business market.

Implementation of a suite of products which are independent but can be brought together to offer a solution gives the business tremendous flexibility to pick and choose the solutions they require. Management is given the ability to fit budgets which using best in its class products. Intellispace Software is a consultant and enabler for small and micro organizations to move comfortably to the cloud.

Intellispace Software can help you build or implement a workflow plan that is cloud enabled for your organisation.

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