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Automated Software testing for SMB's powered by cloud applications.

Every SMB development teams make it a point to test their products. In spite of this software delivered to clients seem to still have bugs that seem to have slipped out. Even after an update to fix these bugs they sometimes reappear or seem to create new bugs. In today's time concious world manual testing is costly and time consuming though it is required in certain scenario's.

Test automation can be the best way to effectiveness of software testing. For projects or products with extended development and support lifecycles the best option tends to be test automation. Automated tests can be created that have a high repeat component and can be extended to perform tasks that are difficult for software testers to execute.

While test automation has been extensively used by large corporates there is a tendency for SMB's to assume that either the cost component would be out of reach and implementation beyond their scope. While this could have been true a few years back, the advent of SaaS and even PaaS has invalidated that arguement. Currently there are Tools which are affordable for single developers and can be scaled to meet the requirement from small to large companies.

Intellispace Software can help you automate your testing requirements leveraging applications in the cloud.

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