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Mobile networks, applications and devices are the new compute medium. The new doorway to a customer is the device they carry.

The mobile community is driving and benefitting from the growth and adoption of the iOS and Android mobile platforms. Mobile penetration now cover huge populations in some cases with 100% penetration levels. The market now accept as reality the shift to cloud applications delivered on mobile platforms.

Mobile applications can be predominantly with a local flavor or an idea can expand to engage the world. The demographics adopting this medium along with aggressive data plans are contributing to exponential growth. This ability for anyone with an idea to compete with companies much larger and develop applications which can impact or disrupt the existing ecosystem is by itself a disruption.

Mobile applications have fundamentally transformed how we live our daily lives. From buying books, making payments, communication with our social circle, there seems to be a app for everything! This change of the status quo by simplifying tasks or creating the new reality is the power of the mobile. It is also a dream come true of marketing and company managements.

Intellispace Software can help in identifying and developing mobile solutions for micro and SMB’s.

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