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SME's and micro companies visualise new opportunities and markets with online commerce

The biggest advantage of eCommerce is that the SMB can sell where it is not possible to be physically present. By taking business online products or services can be sold from a single location. For cost consious small business this is a huge advantage that an organisation is able to sell without investing in physical infrastructure.

Modern business cannot ignore social media or the rise of social shopping. Facebook / Twitter and Instagram are by themselves huge sources of traffic and sales. Many global eCommerce vendors note that a huge percentage of orders is beginning to be generated by social media. Customers who are from this media are also not generally price conscious and will be more governed by the recommendations on social media.

The advantages of eCommerce for SMB'S are manifold. eCommerce give companies reach, helps build online reputation, has low operational costs, flexibility on timing - always available, can deliver anywhere in the world with shipping platforms, accessible on the social media sales funnel, keep in touch with clients using cloud CRM's, build data on sales, regions and preferences which were not availble in a physical environment and those SMB's able to leverage the channels available are poised for success.

Intellispace Software can help you build or implement a plan to move your business to eCommerce

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