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Content Management powered by cloud technologies disrupt in a future AI driven world..

Content management has changed dramatically in the last five years than it has changed in the last few decades. The ascendance of the cloud infrastructure and the technology innovations that allow disruptive cloud based technologies to plug into content management systems have redefined the very structure and how content is served. CMS systems have evolved with the ability to measure and quantify the effectiveness of the solution.

Web management of content is changing in this age diven by mobile, social and content marketing. Any organisation needs to make smart choices with an emphasis on a future driven by technology which can be massively disrupted by AI. Most of the changes will be focused on customer experience with data analysis and a digital strategy.

Web content management is starting to attract more attention from the marketing team due to the different marketing channels which can now be integrated into a content management system. Social media, customer tracking, content driven e-commerce buys, customer relations fed by content management systems are a few.

Content management and content life cycle require now, not only a profound understanding of content but of the various facets of marketing that can drive results for the company which neatly dovetail to the management vision for the organisation.

Intellispace Software can help plan and build strategy for your web content.

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