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Cloud solutions

Micro and SME's leverage business solutions with the power of the cloud.

Micro and SME owner or management keep a very keen eye on costs. Cloud based solutions is a true disruption in the marketplace. Today most applications are no longer desktop focused but are based on cloud infrastructure. This is a dramatic shift for owner driven or small professionally managed companies. Cloud infrastructure enables a SME to compete on near equal footing with larger companies on the technology front.

SaaS (Software as a service) and PaaS (Platform as a service) offering in this new marketplace created over the last decade has energised different domains. Clear examples are the accounting, travel and educational industries which by its very nature are smaller than large corporations. The owner / management do not need to now worry about infrastructure, software licenses or even maintaining infrastructure employees. This responsibility has moved to the companies who are now offering cloud based solutions.

Cloud based solutions has created new markets, expanded existing markets and democratised technology availability. The cloud enables small business to quickly scale infrastructure based on requirement. Cloud computing is the smart way for small business owners to save money and reduce daily allocation of resources for mundane tasks. Ability to , use of shared resources, security, data intergrity are some of the major benfits that accrue to small business.

Intellispace Software can help you build or implement a plan to move your business to the cloud or enable certain facets of your business on the cloud.

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