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School admissions

Online admission and equal opportunities for children!!

The School Management were grappling with a dilemma for many years. Every year during the admission season the Management were never able to satisfy all parents about the admission process to the satisfaction of the parents. The demand for admission to established Schools remained high considering many such Schools were well established and tend to have a good reputation not only in the city they are established in but throughout the country even. Parents stood in queue's from the wee hours of the morning on the date of issue of application forms and other administration activities in the School were impacted.

From the year 2016 the Management took a decision to make all forms available only online. Following the principle of equal opportunity the Management Committee decided that rather than conduct an interview with children and parents for allocation of seats it would be more equitable if the seats were allocated on the basis of draw of lots. Thereby the School was in a way fulfilling its initial mission to afford quality education to all. The stress of attending a test at a tender age which could impact the child adversely in the future was also dispensed with.

The workflow for the draw of lots and the entire admission process was moved to the cloud and the process simplified with the optimum use of technology, thereby earning the School goodwill from harried parents who generally run pillar to past to secure an admission for their ward.